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Loyola English Proficiency


LEPC endeavors to impart, improve and evaluate the English proficiency of our students.
The objectives of the programme are:
• To improve the ability to speak and write English correctly with confidence.
• To master the skills in the use of the English language and to inculcate the habit of using correct constructions spontaneously.
• To apply this knowledge and skill in personal and professional life, aiming at Global standards.

Resources: This programme basically uses books, journals, news papers, CDs, online resources and films.

Persons Associated: Fr. Aneesh Joseph, Fr Ranjit George, Dr. Angelo Mathew, Fr Saji J. SJ, Dr. Sunil Kumar P. P.G Students and Research Scholars

Modus operandi: Loyola English Proficiency Clinic (LEPC) functions on every Tuesday from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm. The LEPC uses the pedagogy of practice, drill and group learning. The Clinic focuses on prepared speech, debate, extempore speech, video recording, group tasks such as group discussion, case studies and Interviews, tips and exercises on written English and English Quiz Competition.