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  Dr.Sunil Kumar P.

 Loyola College of Social Sciences

(Affiliated to the University of Kerala)

Thiruvananthapuram – 69501, Kerala

Tel: +91-471- 2591018, 2592059
Fax: +91-471-2591760




The Knowledge Resource Centre of Loyola College of Social Sciences came into existence in 1963 when the College was established in Thiruvananthapuram at Sreekariyam. The aim of the Centre is to serve the needs of our Faculty, Research Scholars, Students and other Academics. It is the heart of the institution and acts as a center for the collection, organization and retrieval of literature predominantly related to Sociology, Social work, Management, Counselling Psychology and allied subjects. It has developed a comprehensive collection of both print as well as electronic resources that are useful for teaching, learning, research and extension. Our Knowledge Resource Centre provides services keeping in mind the latest developments in the field, aiming at the satisfaction of its user community.

Location and Building

The Knowledge Resource Centre is housed in a spacious and well ventilated building adjacent to the administrative block. It consists of:

  • Counter for circulation.
  • Air conditioned computer room
  • Reading room cum stack room with Wi-Fi enabled reading corners
  • Reference and Periodical sections
  • Stack room housing bound volumes of journals
  • Mezzanine floor housing Dissertations and other special collections.


Working Hours
The Knowledge Resource Centre is kept open on all days except government holidays.
The timing is:

Monday – Friday 8.30 am. to 4.30 pm
Saturday 9 am to 4 pm

Admission to the Knowledge Resource Centre

All users are required to deposit their personal belongings at the property counter at their own risk. Taking briefcase, bags, files, raincoat, umbrella and issued books etc. inside is strictly prohibited. Users have to check in and checkout using the biometric punching system.

Categories of Users

  • P.G. Students
  • Research Scholars
  • Faculty Members
  • Non Teaching Staff
  • Alumni Members
  • External Users

The centre promotes its use for academic purposes. Visitors / outsiders who wish to use the centre are allowed only after obtaining prior permission from the Principal and Librarian with an introduction letter from the concerned organization/institution to which they are attached. A user fee is collected from the external users for reference.


Sl.No   Resources
1 Books
2 Journals
3 CD ROM data bases
4 Online Journals
5 E-books
6 Resources from consortiums like N-LIST
7 News Papers
8 Press Clipping files
9 Bound Volumes of Periodicals
10 Dissertations


Arrangement of Collection
We follow Open Access system. The book collection includes General Collection, Reference Collection, Book Bank, Mathew Zacharia Collection, Joseph Chandy Collection, Gandhian Collection , ICSSR Collection and Dissertations.
New books acquired are accessed, classified, catalogued, processed and displayed in the new arrivals display rack for a week. After display they are put into circulation. Books are shelved according to call numbers. Users can search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and get information regarding the availability and location of books.

Reference Sources
The Reference Collection includes Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Thesis and Dissertations, Atlases, Newspaper clipping Files and Census data etc., These are arranged in separate sequences.

NON-Book Materials
These include CD-ROM databases, online resources and digital library

College Publications
Dissertations, Project Reports, Thesis, and conference proceedings etc. from the college are kept in the centre for reference purpose.

Book bank
Books having only one copy and some text books are kept in the book bank section. These are issued for overnight reading.

News Paper clippings
Important news papers are scanned, clipped, classified, indexed and released as “Loyola College Library Press Clipping service – Media speaks on Loyola”

The centre has more than 120 periodicals (including gift and exchange). They are arranged alphabetically. The latest issues are displayed and back issues are available in the corresponding pigeon holes.

Bound volumes of periodicals
Bound volumes of periodicals are kept in the stack room and are arranged alphabetically.

News papers
The library receives three English news papers and five Malayalam news papers. These are displayed in the table provided at the launch area


The library follows Dewy Decimal Classification (DDC) System for the classification of books.

The catalogue is fully computerized. Users can search the catalogue both online and offline using access points such as author, title, keyword, call number etc. User terminals are provided in the reading room to search the database of books, networked to the IBM server.


  • The issue – return operations are automated using barcode system. Users are given bar-coded identity cards and borrower’s tickets. At the time of borrowing, users have to surrender their borrower’s tickets. Books should be presented physically for return and renewal.
  • Each student will be given five borrower’s tickets and a bar-coded identity card at the time of joining the college.
    The borrowers’ tickets are not transferable and students should return them to the centre when they leave the college.
  • If a card is lost, the centre should be immediately informed of the loss.
  • Only one book will be issued against one card. At the time of issuing the student has to submit borrower’s card and the book at the counter. While returning the book the borrower’s card will be returned.
  • Unless otherwise mentioned, books are issued for a period of two weeks.
  • Books must be retuned on or before the due date.
  • If a book is not returned on the due date, the borrower will have to pay an overdue charge.
  • Before borrowing a book, the student should make sure that the book is in sound condition. The borrower is fully responsible for the books borrowed in his/ her account.

Borrowing privileges

Sl.No Users No.of Books
1 Students 5 (For two weeks)
2 Faculty 10 (for two weeks)
3 Research Scholars 2 (For two weeks)

Books may be renewed for a further period of two weeks provided no other reader has reserved the book. Books have to be produced at the time of renewal.

Books on loan can be reserved by entering the details in to the reservation register. Books reserved will be issued according to priority. Reserved books are kept separately in the issue counter for two days for each member. The reservation lapses after two days and the next person in the list gets priority.

We maintain a collection of dissertations. These are not issued and kept only for reference purpose.

Computerized Information Retrieval
All the functions of the centre are automated using the indigenously developed software. Some of the modules of the software are Acquisition, Membership, Circulation, Serial Control, Dues Calculation, Stock verification and Online Public Access Catalogue.

CD ROM Databases
The members can use the well arranged collection of CD ROM databases stacked in the library computer room. The collection includes bibliographical CDs, full text journal CDs, statistics like census reports, encyclopedias, CDs communicative English and other educational CDs.

Online and Internet services
We have an OFC Internet connection with static IP provided by BSNL. This high speed connection can also be accessed in the wireless mode using the Wi- Fi Access facility. The faculty and Students are provided unlimited access for academic information retrieval. Users can search and download online journals as well as use the online services provided by N-LIST.

Digital Library
A digital library is developed in the centre using Greenstone Digital Library Software, which can be accessed through the college LAN.

Reprographic Service
The Centre provides photocopying service to the user community. The machine is kept in the main building.

Specialised Information Services

  • Reference service
  • Documentation Service
  • Press clipping service
  • Current awareness service(Current contents)
  • Career/ Employment information service:

Resource Sharing
The Centre is an institutional member of N-LIST and has subscribed to all the services of it. In addition to this it maintains interlibrary borrowing facility with American Library, Chennai. Users can use all these services without any fee.

Clearance Certificate
All those who leave the College after completion of the course must return all the documents borrowed from the centre and surrender all the borrower’s tickets. They have to obtain a ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the librarian.