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Loyola Library is envisaged to serve the needs of our Faculty, Research Scholars, Students and other academia and is developed as an important repertoire of learning resources, functioning as the heart of the college with the following vision and mission

Vision: To create and sustain good reading habit so as to develop an atmosphere of library centered education that encourages intellectual curiosity.

Mission: To provide the right information to the right user at the right time

The library as a learning space has successfully created an atmosphere and a set of intellectual resources conducive to learning, research and discussion. It follows Open Access System and functions in an independent building adjacent to the academic block. The library access is also provided to other academic, governmental and non-governmental institutions and full time and part time researchers.


The best user award is given annually to accelerate the use of the rich resources of the Knowledge Resource Centre for study and research. The users, participating in this, should provide a brief review of the books while returning the books. The award is given by giving due consideration to these reviews. The use of various resources and services of the centre, adherence to its rules and their behavior will also be considered. Librarian, after considering all these will suggest the names to the library committee and finalize the best user of the year.


The Loyola Knowledge Resource Centre arranges book exhibitions to attract the attention of students, teachers and research scholars towards its resources. Exhibitions are usually conducted during world environment day (June 5), World population day (July 11), World Tourism Day (Sept 27), World Mental Health Day (Oct 10) and World Human rights day (Dec 10). Books and relevant literature are displayed on the table provided in the launch area.